Post Graduate Certificate in Oil & Gas Studies Course

Introduction to Petroleum Development and Operations

  • Petroleum Formation and Occurrence
  • Petroleum Exploration, Development & Production
  • Transportation of Petroleum Commodities
  • Petroleum Refining
  • Health & Safety for the Oil & Gas Industry




Petroleum Economics

  • Demand & Supply of Oil
  • Petroleum Project evaluation
  • Energy Commodity Markets
  • Oil Pricing




Energy Policy in the International Context

  • History of the Global Oil and Gas Industry
  • The Oil Industry Structure
  • The Geopolitics of Oil & Energy Security
  • The Role of  the State




Introduction to Oil & Gas Law

  • National and Comparative Oil & Gas Law
  • Host Government Instruments
  • Contract Matrix of the International Oil & Gas Industry
  • Environmental Law and Policy of the Extractive Industry




Petroleum Revenue Management

  • Basic principles of Fiscal Management
  • Key Fiscal Instruments
  • Overview of Taxation of Petroleum Operations




The Future of Energy & the Environment

  • Peak Oil
  • Alternative Energy
  • Oil & Sustainable  Environmental Management

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